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James I, unite

Every detectorist will dream about unearthing a hammered gold coin.

penny of Stephen

Stephen, penny

On the obverse, holding a sceptre, is a bust of Stephen facing three-quarters to the left. The legend is partly weak but +STIFN shows up reasonably well.

silver siliqua of Arcadius

Silver siliqua of Arcadius

This coin was sent in by Anthony Hopkinson but was found by a detecting colleague. It was thought to be a Roman siliqua but I was asked to provide more details.

Elizabeth I penny

Elizabeth I, penny

This hammered silver coin of Elizabeth I was sent in by John Hill

William the Lion, penny

William the Lion, penny

John Hill asked if I could identify and place a value on this coin, which is a silver penny of

denarius of Trajan

Denarius of Trajan

This recent find came in from Mike Ruczynski. It’s a Roman denarius of Trajan, whose dates are AD 98 to 117.

Denarius of Julia Domna

Denarius of Julia Domna

Roger Paul said he doesn’t unearth many Roman denarii so the example pictured here was a welcome find.

sixpence of James I

Sixpence of James I

I’m now old enough to remember when a coin like this could be bought for 5 shillings (25p).

halfcrown of Edward VII

Half crown of Edward VII

The coin is a halfcrown of Edward VII. I’ve seen a few silver coins of this reign as detecting finds but this one is rather special

Denarius of Lucilla

Denarius of Lucilla

mages of Roman emperors appear on their denarii but so too do portraits of many of their wives

Gallic War Uniface of the Ambiani

Gallic War Uniface Stater of the Ambiani

It’s a gold stater, which has imagery on the reverse but the obverse is blank.

Seal of Adam Tyndale

Seal of Adam of Tyndale

The finder of this copper-alloy seal matrix asked to remain anonymous. The imagery in the centre is complicated and difficult

Richard I penny

Richard I, penny

Roger Paul said this coin is his first decent find of the new season

Anglo-Saxon sceatta Series U web

Anglo-Saxon Sceatta Series U

Tom Burton thought this find was an Anglo-Saxon sceatta but wasn’t 100% certain. Therefore, he asked me to provide a full ID and let him know what it could be worth.

Anglo-Saxon sceatta Series E

Anglo-Saxon sceatta Series E

Though not particularly rare, the plumed bird variety is scarcer than most of the other sceattas of series E.

Edward I Irish Penny

Edward I, Irish penny

This coin turned up during a detecting session on 2 September. The finder, Richard Wells, asked for a valuation in order to come to an agreement with a landowner.

Edward II half penny

Edward II half penny

Halfpennies of this type started to be struck during the reign of Edward II and their issue continued into the reign of Edward III

George III, gold sovereign

The finder of this coin asked to remain anonymous. It’s a gold sovereign of George III, which was unearthed some

Edward I, penny Class VIIA

Edward I, penny Class VIIA

It’s a London penny of Edward I and Richard had already identified it as belonging to class VIIA or VIIB. However, he wanted to know if I could tell him anything more about it.

Valuations with a story

Valuations which include a historical background or a related story

Fourree - Tiberius

Roman Fourrees

Roman fourrees are plated versions of Roman coins, some struck from official dies and others forgeries

From Henry VII to a unique Charles I coin

How over 100 years of English history shaped the design of this unique coin.

Merovingian gold Tremissis coin portraying king bubba

Merovingian Tremissis

The valuation of a rare and important Tremissis.

Plus the history of the Merovingians empire and their coinage.

Scottish Penny of Alexander III

Alexander III Penny

Includes the story of the Brussels Hoard.