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Recent valuations

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Gallic War Uniface type stater

The finder of this coin, Robert Brace, asked if I could let him have a full ID and a valuation

penny of Edward III

Penny of Edward III

This is the sort of coin that detectorists might find difficult to identify. It’s obviously a London penny of one

Henry VII penny of York

Henry VII penny of York

This hammered silver coin came in from Tony Hollis, who asked for a full ID and some idea of its

Half Penny of Henry VI

Half Penny of Henry VI

This hammered silver coin was unearthed by Andy Hooper during a recent dig. I was told that it measures 13mm

stirrup ring

Stirrup ring

This finger ring is a recent find that came in from Tom Burton. Rings like this one are usually catalogued

half groat of Eddward III

Half groat of Edward III

This hammered silver coin is a recent find and was sent in by John Lashmar. However, John said he knew

Continental series D sceatta

Continental series D sceatta

A detectorist signing himself as Stephen asked for an ID and a valuation on the coin pictured here. It’s a

Stater of the Corieltauvi

Alan Reynolds asked if I could let him have a valuation on this Ancient British gold stater. It’s a coin

Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius

Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius

Keith Waudby asked for a valuation on this Roman coin of Marcus Aurelius. It’s a sestertius, which is a denomination

Denarius of Caracalla

Denarius of Caracalla

This is number three from a group of four Roman coins that came in from Mike Ruczynski. The coin is

Halfpenny of Richard II

Halfpenny of Richard II

This hammered silver halfpenny, which measures about 15mm in diameter, was found by Peter Williams. Peter described it as a

Irish halfpenny of Edward I

Irish halfpenny of Edward I

A few weeks back I said I didn’t see many Irish hammered halfpennies as detecting finds. Having recently unearthed one,

antoninianus of Philip I

Antoninianus of Philip I

This is the last of a group of four Roman coins, which were sent in by Mike Ruczynski. The first

Ancient British silver half unit of the Catuvellauni

By this time of year the number of fields available for detecting will be greatly reduced. Many will already have

shield-shaped enamelled harness pendant web

Shield-shaped enamelled harness pendant

It’s always nice when something turns up that you have been hoping for some time you would find. Andrew Thompson

denarius of Diva Faustina Senior

Denarius of Diva Faustina Senior

This denarius is one from a group of four Roman silver coins that came in from Mike Ruczynski. I was

denarius of Trajan

Denarius of Trajan

This is the second of the four Roman coins sent in by Mike Ruczynski. This one is a denarius of

Denarius of Carausius

I’ve said before that all the coins of Carausius used to be scarce or rare. As he was based in

Groat of Henry VI

Groat of Henry VI

Since this website was set up I’ve featured a number of groats of Henry VI. Some have been in very

Elizabeth I sixpence

Elizabeth I sixpence

This is the first of a couple of very recent finds that came in from Stephen Palmer. It’s an Elizabeth

Valuations with a story

Valuations which include a historical background or a related story

The story of Henry Murdac – a penny of Stephen

The story of Henry Murdac, Archbishop of York, and this very rare cut halfpenny issued by him

Fourree - Tiberius

Roman Fourrees

Roman fourrees are plated versions of Roman coins, some struck from official dies and others forgeries

From Henry VII to a unique Charles I coin

How over 100 years of English history shaped the design of this unique coin.

Merovingian gold Tremissis coin portraying king bubba

Merovingian Tremissis

The valuation of a rare and important Tremissis.

Plus the history of the Merovingians empire and their coinage.

Scottish Penny of Alexander III

Alexander III Penny

Includes the story of the Brussels Hoard.