Auctions – results

Results from auctions that I have previewed, showing the hammer prices achieved by the various lots. 

Auction Results

Hansons Historica Auction Results – 20 and 21 May 2021

Includes the Ryedale Bronzes, a detecting find from 2020

Lot 573 - Septimus Severus, Aureus

CNG – Auction 117 – 19/20 May -Results

CNG have several Roman coins with a story to tell, including a Nero DECURSIO

Lot 662, James I Unite

Lockdales, Coins & Militaria, 15-16 May 2021

Lockdales auction includes this James I unite and a Cnut penny

Lot 1, Æthelwulf Penny

DNW – Coins and Historical Medals, 4/5 May

DNW auction includes the Samuel Birchall collection that was formed in the 19th century

Lot 5288, Henry VIII Testoon

Spink – The Rymer and Trajan Collections

Spink auction of the Rymer and Trajan collections closes on 29 April 2021

Baldwin’s – £100,000 plus coins for auction

Baldwin’s – 14 April 2021 Baldwin’s are held an auction on 14 April 2021 which includes ancient and British coins,

DNW – Coins and Historical Medals – 6/7 April

DNW auction on 9 April 2021 includes a 19th century mahogany coin cabinet and an extensive collection of Elizabeth I coins

Lot 5195 George III Military Guinea

Spinks: The Eccles Collection

Spink auction of the Eccles collection includes a George III “Military Guinea” especially struck to pay the army of the Duke of Wellington

Lockdales, Coins and Militaria, 27/28 March

Includes the story of Perceval de porche and the Edward III noble

The Tony Abramson Collection of Dark Age Coinage – Part I

Some very strong prices achieved. Many of the lots were detecting finds of the last 20 years

Lot 8040 , Edward IV Rose Ryal

Timeline: Coins 28 February 2021

Timeline auction on 28 February 2021 includes several detecting finds including a rare Edward IV rose ryal

Timeline: Antiquities 23 February 2021

The Hedingham Castle Estate ring sells for £58,420 at the Timeline auction on 23 Feb 2021. It’s a detecting find from 2018

Hansons Historica Auction 25 February

Hansons sell a Celtic harness brooch for £71,500 plus other recent detecting finds, including a rare denarius

Lot 4601, Charles I Triple Unite sold

Spink Numismatic e-Circular 7 Part I

Spink sell a Charles I Triple Unite for £68,200. Plus a recent detecting find: an important denarius sells for £16,120

Lot 118, Stephen Penny auction preview

DNW – Coins and Historical Medals – 9 February

Rare penny of Stephen issued by Archbishop Murdac, a detecting find from 2019, sells for above its top estimate

DNW – Coins and Historical Medals – 2 February

Good prices achieved including a possibly unique Beornwulf penny fetching over twice its estimate

CNG – Triton XXIV

Results of CNG Triton XXIV Auction which closed on 20 January 2021

North Yorkshire Moors Collection

Results of DNW auction of the North Yorkshire Moors Collection of British Coins by Marvin Lessen

Sir Rodney Sweetnam, Collection of English Gold Coins

Some good prices achieved, particularly at the top of the market.

Lot 3678, Edward VI Sixpence

Spink – Frank Viles’ Sixpences

Some surprise results in Spink’s auction of Frank Viles Collection of Sixpences