This section is for reviews of books and auction sales. In the cases of books I hope to be able to do reviews on some of the standard works on the types of coins regularly unearthed in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Many detectorists and some detecting clubs have libraries of books and are interested in both standard and specialist reference works.


How many books are reviewed will depend on the publishers. I used to review most of the Spink publications but haven’t had a new book from them since 2015. Perhaps those in the book department at Spink think that the market for books in detecting circles is small, so it isn’t worth bothering about. If this is the case then I’d point out that for publications focusing on coin types found in Britain, there is a larger market amongst detectorists than there is amongst numismatists.


I hope also to be able to review auctions of coins and artefacts that take place in London and the provinces. The main London auctioneers for coins are Spink, Dix Noonan Webb and Classical Numismatic Group and TimeLine Auctions is the leader for artefacts of every kind. When the lockdown started in March most catalogues were published solely online but many auctioneers have now reverted to printed catalogues.     The first review of a coin sale is of the Ennismore collection of Anglo-Saxon and Viking pennies, which was sold by Spink on 15 September.