Kings and Queens of England

Kings and Queens of England

About the Kings and Queens series

I asked the followers of my website for suggestions as to what they’d like to see more of and several wanted some of the articles I had published in the past, including the series about the kings and queens of England. The series has got up to Henry VI, which is a complicated reign so it is in two parts and the first is already on the website. By popular demand, I’m starting the series again at William I and later reigns will be added every two or three weeks. Even if you have read the whole series already it’s worth going through again, as I’ve included a few amendments and additions to each reign and they are now fully illustrated.

Revised articles

King Stephen – his life and coinage

The story of the life and times of King Stephen and the coinage produced during his reign. Stephen becomes king

Henry I – his life and coinage

Henry becomes king Death of William II On 2 August 1100, William II was killed by an arrow whilst hunting

William II

Story of the reign of William II; his troubled relationship with his brother and the mystery surrounding his death

william I

William I

The story of William the Conqueror, his ancestry, life and legacy with a review of the coins from his reign.

New Articles

Henry VI – Part Two

The loss of lands in France and the lead up to the War of the Roses. How Henry VI’s character and decisions shaped these events.

henry vi

Henry VI – Part One

From the death of Henry V to war with France; battle of Verneuil and Joan of Arc