Quick Quiz

Quick Quiz

Each week there is a Quick Quiz on a particular theme with typically 6 to 8 multiple choice questions. It’s just for fun and you will get an immediate score and an explanation of the correct answers.

Quick Quiz - Charles I errors

Quick Quiz #11 – Charles I Errors

Can you spot the error on these Charles I coins?

Quick Quiz #10 – Crosses

Test your knowledge of the type of crosses that appear on coins. 6 crosses to identify on 6 coins.

Quick Quiz - Provenance Marks Graphic

Quick Quiz #9 – Provenance Marks

Test your knowledge: identify the source of the metal by the provenance marks

Quick Quiz #8 – Who introduced these coins?

Test your knowledge: identify which king introduced which type of coin

Quick Quiz - Family Relations Graphic

Quick Quiz #7 – Family relationships

Test your knowledge: identify the pairs of monarchs and the family relationship between them

Quick Quiz #6 – Missing Letters

Can you spot the letter which is missing from the legends on the 8 coins

Quick Quiz #5 – Henry VI Coin Issues

A guide to identifying the various coin issues of Henry VI and a quick quiz for you to test your knowledge.

Quick Quiz #4 – Charles I Mints

Can you spot which mint these Charles I coins are from?

Quick Quiz #3 – In this year

Test your knowledge of which major events in British history happened in the same year as 8 different coins were minted.

Quick Quiz #2 Edward I Pennies

Can you identify the 8 different mints on the 8 Edward I pennies?

Quick Quiz #1 – Gold Coin Legends

Test your knowledge of the meaning of the Latin legends on 8 different coins