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gold nugget

Largest gold nugget found in England fails to sell

Update The gold nugget had been expected to sell for £30,000 – £40,000 but bids had only reached £12,000 when

charles i pendant

Charles I medallion is declared Treasure

A silver pendant, engraved depicting King Charles I and his wife Queen Henrietta Maria was declared Treasure this week. It

forum 2000 talks

“A Thousand Years of English Coins” by Peter Spencer

On Wednesday 6 March, I will be giving a talk entitled ‘A Thousand Years of English Coins’. It will be

ashfield ring and finder alan

Noonans to sell The Ashfield Ring

This “extremely rare” gold seal ring was found by detectorist Alan Rumsby in 2020. It is Noonans sale of “Jewellery,

forgery of george iii shilling

Curious forgery of a George III shilling

Mike Ruczynski unearthed this queer looking find a few days back. It was located with the aid of a brand

Dress fastener

Bronze Age dress fastener is “one in a billion” find

Detectorist Jonathan Needham describes how he was “yelling and punching the air” when he struck gold. Jonathan was out detecting

bronze age torc

Bronze Age gold torc goes on display

A 4,000 year-old gold torc, found by detectorist Billy Vaughan, is to go on display in Cumbria. Finding the torc

queen ediths ring

Noonans to sell ring linked to Queen Edith

When detectorist Peter Pawel went out detecting in June 2021, he told his daughter ” I’m going to bring you home

Hazelbury civil war hoard

Treasure finds set new record

On 2 November 2023, DCMS released some statistics on the reported treasure finds for 2021 with provisional figures for 2022.

rob thomson

“Flabbergasted” detectorist’s gold find is sold

Rob Thompson was detecting in a field near Sutton Cheney in 2021 when he got a signal and dug down


Detectorist finds gold coin that rewrites history

All detectorists dream of finding a gold coin. Imagine if that coin was minted for a previously unknown king and

A Remarkable Archaeological Find

Roman Swords are “A Remarkable Archaeological Find”

Two Roman cavalry swords were discovered by detectorist Glenn Manning during a detecting rally in the north of the Cotswolds.

beckermet hoard

“Absolutely remarkable” hoard to go on display

This hoard of 10 coins, dating from Henry VIII to James I, was declared Treasure this week. They were found

Mottisfont seal matrix

Mottisfont seal matrix goes on display

The Mottisfont seal matrix is to go on public display at the National Trust site of Mottisfont, Hampshire. it was

rob and his find

Detectorist realises dream of finding a gold aureus

Detectorist Rob Turrell realised his dream when he found a gold aureus of Claudius in December last year. It is

fishlake ring

“Exciting find” goes on display

A medieval gold ring found by detectorist Carl Davies has been bought “for the people of Doncaster“. Carl found the

Roman hoard goes on display in Suffolk

Roman hoard goes on display in Suffolk

A rare discovery of late Roman pewter has just gone on display at the West Stow Anglo-Saxon village and Museum,

The Norfolk Viking Urnes Die

Noonans to sell “Nationally Important” Viking die

A “hugely important” Viking die is to be sold by Noonans in their Ancient Coins and Antiquities auction on 18

Edward IV Ryal restored

Edward IV Ryal restored

Our Find of the Week last week was this Gold ryal of Edward IV which as you can see is

roman phallus ring

Rare Roman ring donated to museum

The detectorist finder and landowner have been thanked for donating this rare Roman ring to their local museum. It was

Malcolm IV penny

Malcolm IV penny goes on display

Believed to be only the fifth known example of its type, this penny of Malcolm IV was found by a

Julia Donna radiate

Norton hoard goes on display

A hoard of 1,056 Roman coins was found near Norton, Doncaster during the metal detecting rally “Coil to the Soil”

Eadgar halfpenny

Spink sell “unique” Eadgar halfpenny

In their auction of 3 April 2023, Spink sold this Eadgar round halfpenny for £6,500. It was found by an

token of Humphrey Boone

17th Century trade tokens lecture

On 26 April 2023 Noonans are holding an auction devoted entirely to 17th century tokens which it says is the

rock crystal pendant

Rare Anglo-Saxon pendant goes on display

Dorset Museum in Dorchester has acquired a rare gold and rock crystal pendant dating to the 6th or 7th century

gold lock ring

Treasure found in North-East Wales

Eight treasure finds, including a Bronze Age gold ornament, medieval finger rings and post-medieval coin groups and finger rings, were

Samanid dirham

Tashkent treasure donated to museum

This week the Treasure Registrars thanked the detectorist finder of this coin, Dave Haldenby, for kindly donating it to his

anglo-saxon disc brooch

Anglo-Saxon brooch of “National Significance” goes on display

This is an update to the story we carried in August 2021 entitled Anglo-Saxon silver disc brooch declared Treasure. The

Anglo-saxon strap end

Reader donates Treasure to museum

We always like to highlight the good work of detectorists and particularly when they work together with landowners for the

boleyn ring

Boleyn ring on display at Hampton Court

A rare gold signet ring has gone on display at Hampton Court Palace. It was found by detectorist Ashley Solly