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galloway hoard

Galloway Hoard return home sets visitor record

The Galloway Hoard is back in the historical county of Kirkcudbrightshire, where it was found by detectorist Derek McLennan in

Carmarthenshire Treasure finds

Carmarthenshire Treasure finds

Some detecting finds from Carmarthenshire were declared treasure on Friday 26 May 2022. They included a Bronze Age hoard and

Bronze Age Axe moulds

Bronze Age axe mould – Treasure or not Treasure?

On Wednesday 1st June 2022 an inquest was held to determine whether a Bronze Age axe mould was Treasure. The

silver penis pendant

Silver penis pendant declared treasure

Detectorist Wendy Thompson unearths a nationally important silver penis pendant.

Suffolk detectorist finds rare 15th century spoon

Suffolk detectorist finds rare 15th century spoon

Suffolk detectorist finds rare 15th century spoon valued at between £12,000 – £18,000

Vale of Pewsey hoard

Noonans to sell the Vale of Pewsey Hoard

On 17 May 2022, Noonans (the new name for DNW) are to auction the Vale of Pewsey hoard of Roman

spink competition

Spink offer detectorists chance to win access to Dorset estate

Do you fancy having the opportunity to go detecting, with three mates, on a 1,300 acres of ancient Dorset downland

Malmesbury coin hoard

Malmesbury Roman coin hoard goes on display

The Malmesbury hoard of 1266 Roman coins will go on display today (8 April 2022) at the Athelstan Museum in

Incredible story of two cut farthings

Incredible story of two cut farthings

Experienced detectorists will be used to hearing far-fetched tales about detecting finds. Those outside the hobby would consider many tales

Mackenzie and Toby

Detectorists props sold for charity

As fans of the show will know, St Micheal’s Rooms in Framlingham was the HQ of Danebury metal Detecting Club

Two pieces of Roman knife handle reunited

Two pieces of Roman knife handle reunited

Eagle-eyed readers might remember seeing this find a few months back in my article on a reader’s find: Roman Knife

George Henderson with his medieval seal

Hansons sell 10 year-old’s find and other rare detecting finds

A gold revolving bevel ring, the star lot in Hansons auction, sells for well above estimate

The Throckenholt Cross

Throckenholt Cross sold for £10,000

The Throckenholt Cross is a detecting find from 2019. DNW sold it in their auction on 15 March 2022 for

Mark Pallett with his thrysma and Andy Carter with the Leopard

DNW sell rare detecting finds

DNW held an auction on 8/9 March 2022 of coins, tokens and historical medals. The full catalogue can be found

treasure find donated: medieval silver ring

Treasure finds donated to museum

The Treasure Registrars announced this week that two treasure finds had been donated to their local museum. Medieval silver ring

Gold Thrymsa

Gold thrymsa which was found in January sold

DNW are selling this gold thrymsa which was found only a few weeks ago in January 2022. The Find The

silverdale hoard

Silverdale Hoard to go on display in York

The Silverdale Hoard is to go on display at the Jorvik Viking Centre, in York. It is the first time

gold leopard coin

DNW to sell gold “leopard” coin found in 2019 for over £100,000

DNW are selling this extremely rare and important Edward III gold “leopard” coin in their auction on 8/9 March. It

Hail Mary brooch

“Hail Mary” brooch declared treasure

This week a coroner declared this gold medieval “Hail Mary” brooch treasure. The find William Nordhoff found the brooch in

World record price for Henry III gold penny found in 2021

Spink have sold this Henry III gold penny, a detecting find from 2021, for a world record price for a

gobowen hoard

Gobowen Roman coin hoard declared as treasure

A hoard of 337 Roman coins were declared treasure this week. The hoard was found by detectorist Darren Booth in

Bronze socketed axes

Welsh Bronze Age hoards to go on display

Two hoards of bronze artefacts found by detectorists in Wales have been declared treasure this week. A local museum hopes

Le Câtillon II

Le Câtillon II hoard bought by Jersey government for £4.25 million

Le Câtillon II is the largest coin hoard found in the British Isles. It was discovered by detectorists Reg Mead

Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS) launches insurance

The Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS) is a new membership organisation for detectorists. Membership of the organisation costs £5

Britain’s largest hoard of forged coins found by novice detectorist

The Daily Telegraph reports that the largest ever hoard of forged coins has been unearthed by detectorist, John McGimpsey. John

My Christmas message

Christmas is now only a few days away and Paul and I send our very best wishes to all the

One millionth find recorded at PAS

During this week, the Treasure Annual Report for 2019 and the PAS Annual Report for 2020 were launched. PAS Annual

Hansons sell reader’s denarius of Carausius for £6,000

A very important coin from one of our readers was sold by Hanson in their Historica Auction on 9 and

folk badge

Reader solves mystery of “FOLK” badge

In October, Colin Barton sent in this badge which read “FOLK”. In the original article, below, I asked if any

Lymington Hoard

Celtic coin hoard to go on display in Lymington

It is hoped that a hoard of 269 coins Celtic coins will go on display at St Barbe Museum in