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Bronze socketed axes

Welsh Bronze Age hoards to go on display

Two hoards of bronze artefacts found by detectorists in Wales have been declared treasure this week. A local museum hopes

Le Câtillon II

Le Câtillon II hoard bought by Jersey government for £4.25 million

Le Câtillon II is the largest coin hoard found in the British Isles. It was discovered by detectorists Reg Mead

Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS) launches insurance

The Association for Metal Detecting Sport (AMDS) is a new membership organisation for detectorists. Membership of the organisation costs £5

Britain’s largest hoard of forged coins found by novice detectorist

The Daily Telegraph reports that the largest ever hoard of forged coins has been unearthed by detectorist, John McGimpsey. John

My Christmas message

Christmas is now only a few days away and Paul and I send our very best wishes to all the

One millionth find recorded at PAS

During this week, the Treasure Annual Report for 2019 and the PAS Annual Report for 2020 were launched. PAS Annual

Hansons sell reader’s denarius of Carausius for £6,000

A very important coin from one of our readers was sold by Hanson in their Historica Auction on 9 and

folk badge

Reader solves mystery of “FOLK” badge

In October, Colin Barton sent in this badge which read “FOLK”. In the original article, below, I asked if any

Lymington Hoard

Celtic coin hoard to go on display in Lymington

It is hoped that a hoard of 269 coins Celtic coins will go on display at St Barbe Museum in

Ivan bailey finds Carnyx

DNW sell Celtic Carnyx

A rare Celtic warhorn known as a carnyx was sold by Dix Noonan Webb at their auction on 1 and 2 December 2021.

gold bible

Miniature gold bible found near York

Detectorist Buffy Bailey has found a miniature gold Bible while detecting in a field near York. She was searching farmland

England’s biggest Anglo-Saxon coin hoard declared treasure

A hoard of 131 Anglo-Saxon gold coins was declared treasure on Wednesday (3 November 2021). This makes it the largest

Our first anniversary – a review of the year

Time flies! It almost seems like yesterday but this website was set up in October of last year. Over the

York Museum acquires Ryedale Bronzes

York Museum Trust announced on Wednesday (13 October 2021) that it had acquired the Ryedale bronzes. The purchase was made


Finding a hoard – Brenda’s story

This is the story in her own words of how Brenda Orme stumbled upon a small hoard of Northumbrian base

Two men deny charges over £1m Viking hoard

Two men have denied charges relating to a hoard of Viking coins and silver. Roger Pilling, 73, of Loveclough, Lancashire,

Medieval brooches declared Treasure

Two detecting finds from Pembrokeshire were declared Treasure on Thursday, September 30. The silver medieval annular brooch pictured above was

Richard III half angel

Rare Richard III Half-Angel goes on display

An exhibition celebrating the discovery of a Richard III half-angel opens at the the Old Gaol Museum in Buckingham on

Vervel of Philip Herbert

Earl of Montgomery’s vervel declared treasure

A 17th Century heraldic vervel (hawking ring) was declared Treasure last week.

Luke Mahoney

Lindsey hoard is declared Treasure

Last Friday (August 13th), a hoard of coins stashed in the reign of Charles I during the English Civil War was been declared treasure

Penny of Henry VIII

Medieval Treasure hoard donated to museum

A hoard of 15 silver coins, found on 10 November 2020 on a hillside in Dursley, Gloucestershire, was declared Treasure

Welsh finds declared Treasure

Three Welsh finds from the Bronze Age and medieval periods were declared Treasure last week

Medieval Silver Disc Brooch

Anglo-Saxon silver disc brooch declared Treasure

Detectorist Iain Sansome has two recent finds declared Treasure

Bronze Age axes

Bronze Age tools declared as Treasure

Last week, this hoard of Bronze Age tools was declared treasure. The objects were found during an organised metal detecting

pyramid sword mount

Sutton Hoo era sword pyramid found

This gold and garnet sword pyramid was found by detectorist Jamie Harcourt in the Breckland area of Norfolk in April

shropshire bulla

Shropshire Bulla to go on display

This 3,000 year-old sun pendant is to go on public display for the first time since its discovery at Shrewsbury

Ecgberht of Wessex Mancus

DNW to sell gold mancus for £200,000

This gold mancus of Ecgberht of Wessex is going to auction with Dix Noonan Webb and is expected to fetch £200,000.

mystery object - web

Mystery object declared treasure

This week, this mystery object was declared treasure. It’s a gilded silver object with niello inlay and Salin’s Style I decoration,

Kath finds another hoard

This week, a hoard of 87 Viking silver coins, 13 pieces of cut, silver arm-rings or “hack silver” and associated

BERK95416E - silver strap fitting

Anglo-Saxon silver strap fitting donated to Museum

This week, the Treasure Registrars thanked the detectorist and landowner for donating this item of treasure to their local museum