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“Absolutely remarkable” hoard to go on display

This hoard of 10 coins, dating from Henry VIII to James I, was declared Treasure this week. They were found by detectorist Justin Bell in June 2019 a charity fundraising dig at a farm near Haile, Cumbria. Justin said he found the first coin was about 15in below the surface with the others nearby, adding they were “beautiful“. The coins were recorded at the PAS as LANCUM-D5D3FB and then went through the Treasure process.

The curiosity in the hoard is the Henry VIII halfgroat under AB Warham which, although 80 years older than the newest coin, shows very little circulation wear. If this is a savings hoard then it has been accumulated over one or two generations.

It is hoped that the hoard will now go on display at Beacon Museum in Whitehaven. Justin said that he looked forward to taking his grandchildren to see them at the museum “It’s good to have your name in history“.

Fifth hoard

Justin said he started metal detecting in 2012 after being inspired by his history enthusiast grandfather Ted Holliday. What is remarkable is that since then Justin’s has unearthed five hoards.


In August 2014, Justin found this Viking hoard of 20 silver objects with his detecting friend, Daniel Boakes. That find turned out to be one of the most significant Viking discoveries ever made in west Cumbria and is now on display at the Beacon Museum.

The find also had the benefit of allowing the pair to do more detecting as Justin explained at the time “We tend to go out a lot more now after discovering the Viking hoard; my wife and Dan’s fiancée practically kick us out the house; but  it does keeps us out of trouble

A year earlier, they unearthed a hoard of Roman silver coins known as ‘The Lowside Quarter Hoard.’ and there is currently a hoard of Charles I coins going through the Treasure process.

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