Gaming Chip from Edward IV Shilling

Mystery of the Shovel-board shilling

The mystery of why this Edward VI shovelboard shilling has had slits cut in it. The history of shovelboard.

Roundel of William Warham

Story of how the coat of arms on this roundel were identified as being those of William Warham

IOD – the hidden agenda

How one man, Keith Westcott, wants to control metal detecting.

Ringlemere Cup

PAS: Top 10 Finds

The Top 10 finds recorded by the Portable Antiquities Scheme, of which 9 were detecting finds

PAS – What to record?

Which of your detecting finds should you record at the PAS?

£5 gold piece

Selling modern gold coins

Advice on valuing and selling modern gold coins. Plus, buying coins as an investment.

A story about one of my finds

One of my own finds from 2020 has been declared treasure; a scabbard mount with a connection to Sutton Hoo

Fishpool Hoard

Largest hoard of hammered gold coins ever found

The story of the largest find of hammered gold coins, including the consequence for some of the finders for hiding some coins

From Henry VII to a unique Charles I coin

How over 100 years of English history shaped the design of this unique coin.

Restrictions on Metal Detecting

Institute of Detectorists – a cause for concern?

Is the Institute of Detectorists a cause for concern for the hobby detectorist? Are new restrictions coming?

Anne Five Guines

What is the market for coins like at the moment?

A review of all parts of the coin market at the moment and whether this is the moment to invest in coins.

Coin cleaning success

Gladius Coins successfully clean an encrusted Ancient British Stater

Selling Coins

Some detectorists hang on to all their finds; this, of course, can only be done with the consent of landowners.