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Bargains in a junk shop

These two coins, which were sent in by Mike Ruczynski, aren’t detecting finds. Instead, they came from what his wife calls “dirty old junk shops” but Mike says they are “heaven”.  The price for the pair was £20

Irish halfpenny of George I

The first coin is a type II Irish halfpenny of George I. It is dated 1723 on the reverse but has a queer looking 2 in the date. The coin is in VF condition with attractive surfaces and no flaws show up. In its present condition I would price it at £80 to £100.


George II halfpenny

Coin number two is a George II halfpenny dated 1753 with the old head of the king on the obverse. The 3 in the date looks somewhat like an inverted 2. This coin would grade good VF to about EF for a copper coin of this period. To a keen collector it would be worth around £150.


If there are any junk shops in your area then do look out for low priced coins. For you might be lucky enough to snap up some real bargains.

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