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Centenionalis of Constantine I

This is another coin that came in from Stephen Palmer to be identified and valued.

Stephen’s find is a billon centenionalis (17mm in diameter). On the obverse is a left-facing bust of Constantinopolis wearing a large helmet, imperial robes and with a sceptre over the left shoulder. The surrounding legend reads CONSTAN TINOPOLIS. On the reverse the standing figure of Victory holds a spear in one hand whilst the other hand rests upon a shield. In the exergue are the mint letters for Lugdunum (PLG) with a dot before the first letter.

This coin belongs to a very large series struck under Constantine I, which commemorate the dedication of the new eastern imperial capital of Constantinople. There are many varieties and mints and this example is number 16449 in volume IV of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values.    


The surface on the obverse is a bit rough but would still grade about VF; the surface on the reverse is better.  In its present condition I’d price this small Roman coin at £10 to £12.

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