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Five year-old Leeds detectorist finds lost ring

Many detectorists spend years searching for that elusive piece of gold. A five year-old detectorist from Leeds, Bertie Lawson, found

Detectorist donates find to museum

Detectorist donates penannular ring to his local museum

Post Medieval gold ring

Detectorists Welsh finds declared treasure

Nine detecting finds in Wales are declared treasure

Pair in court for failing to declare treasure

Two men are due in court for failing to declare the discovery of 900 gold staters in September 2020.

Yorkshire wit?

The British Museum reveals its unusual finds, including a mount depicting a knight emerging from a snail riding on a goat

Website Updates

Friday 24 September

Friday Update – 24 September 2021

Readers finds: almost unique denarius of Carausius. Spink auction Horace Hird collection of gold coins. PAS: Anglo-Saxon shield boss

Friday Update – 17 September 2021

NCMD dispute: 4 Regions launch new website. 11 Readers finds: James I unite. PAS finds: possibly unique Penny of Eadberht

Friday Update – 10 September 2021

The story of Henry Murdac, the issuer of a penny of Stephen. A badge of Anne of Brittany and how this became part of France. DNW auction results.

Friday Update – 3 September 2021

NCMD withdraw offer of mediation, again. Reader’s finds: George III sovereign. PAS finds: almost unique denarius of Carausius. News; Earl’s vervel is Treasure. Plus, Auction News

Friday Update – 27 August 2021

Readers finds include a Henry VIII groat of York and a Charles I penny of Oxford. PAS finds has a seal matrix of the Priory at Mottisfont. Plus, Hansons auction results from today

Friday Update – 20 August 2021

My plea for mediation in the NCMD dispute. 7 readers finds include an exceptional Henry VIII halfpenny. News of the second largest Charles I hoard. Plus Auction and PAS news.

Friday Update – 13 August 2021

11 Readers finds: Edward IV quarter ryal, Edward III noble; is a George III half guinea a fake? 3 Treasure reports. PAS: penny of Edward, Count of Bar; why has a penny of John been tightly wound?

Friday Update – 6 August 2021

Are the NCMD mediation talks in deadlock? Eight readers finds identified. PAS finds has a Iron Age pot with mystery contents. Treasure news includes a Sutton Hoo sword pyramid

Friday Update – 30 July 2021

Anglo-Saxon gold mancus expected to fetch £200,000 at auction. Shropshire Bulla going on public display. Readers finds valued and PAS finds include a coin nicknamed “pietje”.

Friday Update – 23 July 2021

Update on the NCMD split with statements from the NCMD executive and the “Opposition 4”. Finds include a Great Wheel of Earls Court medal and an unusual homemade wedding ring.