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Five year-old Leeds detectorist finds lost ring

Many detectorists spend years searching for that elusive piece of gold. A five year-old detectorist from Leeds, Bertie Lawson, found

Detectorist donates find to museum

Detectorist donates penannular ring to his local museum

Post Medieval gold ring

Detectorists Welsh finds declared treasure

Nine detecting finds in Wales are declared treasure

Pair in court for failing to declare treasure

Two men are due in court for failing to declare the discovery of 900 gold staters in September 2020.

Yorkshire wit?

The British Museum reveals its unusual finds, including a mount depicting a knight emerging from a snail riding on a goat

Website Updates

Friday Update – 18 June 2021

Readers finds include a rare Quarter Stater and Anglo-Saxon sceatta. Detectorist strikes gold twice. PAS review has Finds of Note. Treasure finds donated to local museum.

Friday Update – 4 June 2021

Readers finds include a rare Alexander III penny, Henry IV quarter noble and a denarius of Otho. PAS review has an extremely rare Elizabeth I pattern penny. Plus Auction news

Friday Update – 28 May 2021

7 readers find’s valued. Carausius deanrius find from April expected to make £20k+. Æthelstan, penny find from 2020 smashes auction estimate. Story of a Henry VIII groat from Tournai mint.

Friday Update – 21 May 2021

Ryedale Bronzes sell for £240,500. Reader’s finds include rare David I penny. Detectorist finds stolen treasure. PAS finds: story of the Boy Bishop tokens

Friday Update – 14 May 2021

9 finds identified include a gold stater of the Ambiani and an Anglo-Saxon sceatta. Hansons auction review. Trewhiddle style treasure found. Unusual gilded Eadred penny in the PAS review. Nighthawkers sentenced.

Friday Update – 7 May 2021

9 finds identified include 2 Denarii and a quarter merk. Has a detectorist found a sword from the Battle of Grunwald? Treasure thief convicted: detector destroyed. Unusual hornbook toy in PAS review. Auction news

Friday Update – 30 April 2021

10 finds identified include a Merovingian Tremissis. Ryedale Bronzes up for auction. PAS review with “I crack nuts” seal. Quick Quiz on Charles I errors.

Friday Update – 23 April 2021

10 finds identified including Bronze Age and Anglo-Saxon artefact. A Treasure find with links to a civil war execution. PAS review has a rare Anglo-Saxon halfpenny

Friday 16 April

Friday Update – 16 April 2021

14 finds identified – can you help identify one; two coins fetch more than £100,000; PAS review has a “manilla” currency bar; Henry VIII testoon with a Hans Holbein inspired portrait.

Friday Update – 9 April 2021

12 finds identified, treasure find donated to museum, detecting find requires two men to lift, auction of two coins worth more than £100,000