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Five year-old Leeds detectorist finds lost ring

Many detectorists spend years searching for that elusive piece of gold. A five year-old detectorist from Leeds, Bertie Lawson, found

Detectorist donates find to museum

Detectorist donates penannular ring to his local museum

Post Medieval gold ring

Detectorists Welsh finds declared treasure

Nine detecting finds in Wales are declared treasure

Pair in court for failing to declare treasure

Two men are due in court for failing to declare the discovery of 900 gold staters in September 2020.

Yorkshire wit?

The British Museum reveals its unusual finds, including a mount depicting a knight emerging from a snail riding on a goat

Website Updates

Friday 17 May 2024

Friday Update: 17 May 2024

Magical gold ring goes to auction. 20 Readers finds include rare Penny of Coenwulf of Mercia.. PAS: Important Viking weight and William of Aumale

5 april 2024

Friday Update: 5 April 2024

Unique Guthrum penny goes to auction. Largest gold nugget fails to sell. Gold stater finder is over the moon. Harpocrates and the Kings Arms, Chatham

Friday 15 March

Friday Update: 15 March 2024

Charles I week: his vervel, found in old finds box fetches £7K and medallion declared Treasure. Gold noble and stater amongst 15 Readers finds

Friday 1 March 2024

Friday Update: 1 March 2024

Noonans to sell “extremely rare” Ashfield gold ring. More gold in Readers finds and a flying horse in PAS finds

Friday 23 February 2024

Friday Update: 23 February 2024

Noonans sell Braintree Hoard for £325k. Ecgberht penny and Richard II half noble in Readers finds. Plus, who is Penelope Clevalnd?

Friday 9 February 2024

Friday Update: 9 February 2024

13 Readers finds include gold stater. Bronze Age gold. Rare groat sells well. Railway tally and Plantation token in PAS Finds

Friday 26 January 2024

Friday Update: 26 January 2024

Gold stater is the pick of 12 readers finds. Detectorist’s 40 year collection up for auction. Noonans sell rare detecting finds

friday 22 december 2023

Friday Update: 22 December 2023

Peter’s Christmas Message, 8 readers finds include hammered gold and a PAS find with links to Noah’s Ark

Friday 8 December 2023

Friday Update: 8 December 2023

Wow again – another reader’s very rare gold coin, found recently. Token of John Roberts; leading 19th C. sportsman. And, recent finds do well in Noonans auction.

Friday 1 December 2023

Friday Update: 1 December 2023

Wow – our most valuable Readers Find yet, found just this week. Noonans sell Colkirk Hoard and PAS have a rare pilgrim brooch