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Five year-old Leeds detectorist finds lost ring

Many detectorists spend years searching for that elusive piece of gold. A five year-old detectorist from Leeds, Bertie Lawson, found

Detectorist donates find to museum

Detectorist donates penannular ring to his local museum

Post Medieval gold ring

Detectorists Welsh finds declared treasure

Nine detecting finds in Wales are declared treasure

Pair in court for failing to declare treasure

Two men are due in court for failing to declare the discovery of 900 gold staters in September 2020.

Yorkshire wit?

The British Museum reveals its unusual finds, including a mount depicting a knight emerging from a snail riding on a goat

Website Updates

Friday Update: 14 January 2022

Gobowen hoard declared treasure. Readers finds: rare cut halfpenny of Alexander III, PAS: new Merovingian Tremissis?. Spink to sell unknown penny of The Anarchy found in 2021.

Friday Update: 7 January 2022

Split between NCMD and AMDS widens. Readers finds include a Gallic War Uniface stater. PAS: finds of national importance. Welsh treasure goes on display.

Friday Update: 31 December 2021

Tale of two hoards: a reader unearths gold; plus the largest hoard found in UK is sold for £4.25m. In PAS finds are some nationally important coins and coin dies.

Friday Update: 24 December 2021

Finds include an Ancient British silver half unit and an aureus of Claudius, with the story of the unlikely emperor. AMDS launches £5 insurance and largest hoard of fake coins found

Friday Update: 17 December 2021

Another rare Carausian denarius is sent in by a reader. PAS announce one millionth find and this weeks finds include a rare Viking weight. Plus my Christmas message to all my readers.

Friday Update: 10 December 2021

Hansons sell recent finds: £20,000 for gold ring Readers finds: Alexander III penny. PAS: Tail Waggers medallion. Reader solves mystery of FOLK badge

Friday Update: 3 December 2021

Reader’s Carausius denarius for auction. PAS: Roman frog brooch and Pelican in her Piety matrix. Plus, Hansons and DNW auctions, a large Celtic hoard goes on display and readers finds

Friday Update: 26 November 2021

Very rare carnyx is one of several detecting finds up for auction. PAS finds include a phallic pendant. Plus, seven more readers finds

Friday Update: 19 November 2021

A third of a penny of Eadberht Praen and a denarius of Augusts. In PAS finds is a Flobert style pistol and two Roman hoards.

Friday Update – 12 November 2021

14 readers finds include a Maiorina of Magnentius, a harness pendant of Richard of Cornwall and a Rhuddlan penny. PAS finds has an unusual Iron Age terminal.