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Friday Update: 23 February 2024


The big news this week is Noonans auction of the Braintree Hoard of Anglo Saxon coins for a staggering £325,560. We have details of the find and a look at the die variations of the numerous mints represented in the hoard.

Some really good finds from readers this week, including an Ecgberht penny, half noble of Richard II and a gold stater. At the other end of the spectrum we have a curious forgery of a George III shilling. We appreciate them all – thanks for sending them in.

In PAS finds, we love to track down a person. This week it’s a Memento Mori ring with the inscription “Penelope Clevland”. Plus, reader Kev Woodward has kindly provided some new information on a couple of our previous PAS articles. How do these affect our identification in these cases.

“A Thousand Years of English Coins” by Peter Spencer

On Wednesday 6 March, Peter will be giving a talk entitled ‘A Thousand Years of English Coins’.

It will be given to the Forum 2000 Group in Horsforth which is on the outskirts of Leeds. The venue is the Grove Methodist Hall, 5, New Street, Horsforth, Leeds LS18 4BH. My talk will start at 10.00am, last approximately 40 minutes and will be followed by tea and biscuits. There will then be plenty of time for questions.

It is not restricted to members of the Forum 2000 Group but the admission charge is £3, which includes refreshments. Information on the Forum 2000 Group can be found here. Anyone wanting further details should contact me.

Noonans sell Braintree Hoard for £325,560

Curious forgery of a George III shilling

Identification and Valuations

13 more readers finds from the last couple of weeks. Thanks to all those who have sent them in.

PAS Finds – Updates

Kev Woodward has kindly provided some new information on a couple of our previous articles on PAS finds.

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