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London penny of Edward I

This hammered silver coin looks to have been cleaned but the finder, Steve Simmons, said it is exactly as it was found and has only had a quick rinse with water. Silver coins do occasionally turn up like this if they come out of soil that contains a lot of clay.

The coin is a London penny of Edward I and Steve told me it was retrieved from a depth of about ten inches on a pasture field in Wiltshire. To locate a smallish coin at ten inches proves that his detecting machine was working very well.

Most pennies of Edward I are quite common but this one has the distinctive drapery of class 3a on the king’s shoulders. I’ve lost count of the number of Edward I pennies I have seen but I can say that very few of them belonged to class 3a.    


The coin would grade VF but there is some loss to the edge from about 3 to 5 o’clock on the obverse. It’s a pity about the edge but the coin is still attractive enough to be worth £80-90 to a specialist collector

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