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Free online coin valuation

As you can see from my biography, I have been involved in the identification and valuation of coins for many years. In most cases, I offer a free online coin valuation for most of the valuations I do on detecting finds. The figures I provide are usually what I consider to be the likely pre-sale auction estimates on coins and artefacts.  For a free online coin valuation, simply upload a photograph of your find on my Contact page.


Please also contact me if you have a coin or other artefact that you would like me to identify but do not require a valuation


The valuations and identifications are in line with the images transmitted to me via email. I have said on a number of occasions that a camera cannot lie. However, it can give a false impression of what something actually looks like ‘in the hand’. Therefore, images should ensure that they do give a true impression of the state of preservation of their finds. Cameras on phones and tablets these days provide good quality images. Please have a look at my advice on Photographing Coins. The top tip is to place the coin on a plain coloured surface, preferably white. This helps the camera’s auto focus to give a sharper image and enables me to see the edge of the coin more easily.

Size and Weight

Some coins and artefacts share the same design but come in different sizes and metals. Therefore, please provide details of the size and the metal. If it is an artefact made of gold or silver then let me know the weight, if you can. This could have a bearing on its value.


People sometimes ask me to do valuations on Treasure finds that have gone through the system and a provisional valuation has been placed upon them. The finder, landowner or the museum that wants to acquire a find all have the right to challenge the valuation figure, if they think it is incorrect. In cases like this I will give my opinion as to whether or not I believe the figure is in line with the market value. If I think it is correct then, I will say so. If I think it is too low then I can put together the paperwork required to challenge the provisional valuation. However, my minimum charge for this is £20.

I make a similar minimum charge for valuations of Treasure finds that have gone through the system and then been disclaimed. In this case, it is usually the finder or the landowner who wants to keep a find and pay 50% of the value to the other party.

Please note that I do not provide valuations on items that have been reported as Treasure but are still going through the procedure. My advice in such cases is to simply let matters run their course. If a museum wants to acquire the item in question then the finder will eventually receive a provisional valuation. If no museum wants it then it will be disclaimed. The time to seek an independent valuation is if the finder thinks the provisional valuation does not reflect the true market value. Or, when the find is disclaimed and the finder and landowner need a valuation for a 50/50 split.