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Rare groat trebles estimate in Noonans sale

On 6 February 2024, Noonans held an auction of Coins and Historical Medals. Below is my selection of the detecting finds in the auction. Most results were in line with expectations, but a rare groat of Edward V managed to treble its pre-sale estimate.

To view any of my selected lots in the auction catalogue click on the lot number. The full catalogue can be found here.

There is a buyer’s premium of 24% (plus VAT) on the hammer price.

Selected detecting finds

Photo: © Noonans

Cheesefoot Head type stater of the Belgae

Found in 2023 in the Test Valley, Hampshire and recorded at the PAS as HAMP-FC4E52.  Obverse, wreath, cloak and crescents. Reverse: triple tailed horse right, charioteer’s arm above, small ring and pelletal sun in front and six-spoked wheel below
Estimate: £1,400 – £1,800
Hammer: £1600
Photo: © Noonans

Penny of Ceolwulf I

Found on 26 February 2006 in Cherwell, Oxfordshire and recorded at the PAS as BUC-99B047. Reverse has EVLH TVNMO NETV over three lines; mint: Rochester, moneyer: Ealhstan.
Estimate: £1,500 – £1,800
Hammer: £2400
Photo: © Noonans

Groat of Edward V

Found near Carmarthen, West Wales, in September 2023.
Estimate: £2,000 – £2,600
Hammer: £7000
Photo: © Noonans

Half Angel of Henry VII

Found in North Norfolk in 2023. The auctioneer describes it as “Nearly very fine, the variety extremely rare and missing from many of the main collections“
Estimate: £1,500 – £2,000
Hammer: £1900
Photo: © Noonans

Denier of Louis the Pious

Found near Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk in September 2023. The auctioneer says “According to MEC, only three specimens are known – one from Germany and two from the Netherlands. This specimen seems to be the first found in the UK and may have been brought to its East Anglian findspot by Vikings in the 850s or 860s.”
Estimate: £1,200 – £1,500
Hammer: £950
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