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Friday Update: 21 January 2022


The big news of the week is Spink’s auction of a Henry III gold penny, found in Devon in 2021. With the current bid at £250,000, just how high will the final price be? I also have a preview of the Lockdales auction – nothing quite as rare here but still some interesting lots.

A quiet week for readers finds, perhaps because of people being cautious about going out detecting with the Omicron variant. In PAS finds there’s a pair of matching Anglo-Saxon saucer brooches and a rare type of Roman brooch.

Paul has written an article on an unusual seal matrix that was recorded at the PAS last week. The culmination of his research leads him to ask a startling question about whether the collective work of detectorists has solved a mystery going back centuries. Maybe, you’ve done some research on a detecting find; we would love to hear about it – please do let us know.

Next week, I’ll be restarting my articles on the kings and queens of England, starting with Henry II and Stephen. If you happen to have any finds in your collection from either of these reigns, please do send them in.

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