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Lockdales Coin Auction – 23 January 2022

Lockdales Coin Auction – 23 January 2022

Lockdales held an auction on 23 January 2022. Below, is my selection from the auction with the hammer price, if the lot was sold. The full catalogue can be found here.

There is a buyer’s premium of18% (plus VAT) on the hammer price.

Featured Lots

Photo: © Lockdales

James I Laurel

Mint: London
Estimate: £500 – £600
Hammer: £1200

James I (1603-25) gold Laurel of Twenty Shillings (as shown by the XX), third coinage (1619-25), fourth laureate and draped bust. The trefoil mint mark, on both sides, was the final mint mark of James’s reign. £925,429 of 22 carat crown gold was struck for this mint mark from 1st April 1624 until 7th July 1625.

The reverse legend reads FACIA MEOSIN GENTEM VNAM “I will make them one nation’

Selection of other lots

Photo: © Lockdales

Charles II crown

Third draped bust, which was much larger and broader than the second bust .The edge has lettering for the 23rd regnal year – ‘VICESIMO TERTIO
Estimate: £350 – £400
Hammer: £350
Photo: © Lockdales

Victoria Halfpenny 1862

On the reverse at the left of Eddystone Lighthouse, there is a die letter, a small capital letter C, which makes this more of a rarity
Estimate: £180-£220
Hammer: £220
Photo: © Lockdales

James II “gun money” crown

James II Jacobite War “Gun Money” Crown 1690 overstruck on a large type Halfcrown 1689
Estimate: £200 – £250
Hammer: £210
Photo: © Lockdales

Penny of Aethelred II

Reverse reads EADPOLD MO LVND giving the moneyer as Eadwold and London as the mint
Estimate: £100 – £150
Hammer: £240
Photo: © Lockdales

Penny of Cnut

Reverse reads GODPINE ON LINCO for moneyer Godwine and mint Lincoln
Estimate: £450 – £500
Hammer: £700
Photo: © Lockdales

Charles I Halfcrown

Mint mark: Triangle
Estimate: £40 – £60
Hammer: £110
Photo: © Lockdales

Henry VI gold Noble

Henry VI gold Noble, Annulet Issue 1422-c.1430, London Mint, mm. Lis on reverse
Estimate: £5,000 – £5,500
Photo: © Lockdales

Sestertius of Antoninus Pius

Reverse reads TR POT XX COS IIII, Holder of tribunician power for 20th time, consul for fourth time. Mint: Rome
Estimate: £350 – £450
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