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Friday Update: 14 January 2022


We had our busiest week with new followers on our Facebook page, following the publication of our article on the AMDS and NCMD. It indicates the depth of feeling on the issue. A big welcome to all new readers; please help support the website by sending in pictures of your finds and detecting stories.

In the news is the story of the Gobowen hoard, which was declared treasure this week; the detectorist, Darren Booth, was praised for the way he handled the find.

Readers coins include a Queen Anne shilling and a cut halfpenny of Alexander from an unusual mint. PAS finds this week include a potentially new Merovingian Tremissis and a couple of continental sterlings.

In auction news, Spink have an auction which includes two outstanding collections and a detecting find from 2021: a penny minted during The Anarchy. The auction review also tells the story behind the “Dorrien Magens” shilling.


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