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Shilling of Queen Anne

This is the last coin from the group of three sent in to the website ny Robin Dones. Rather than being a detecting find, this was a gift some years since from Robin’s wife’s step-mother.

The coin is a shilling of Queen Anne, who came to the throne in 1702 and died in 1714. When Anne died, she had no surviving children and so the English Parliament was left to decide who would reign next. There were a number of candidates but Parliament eventually picked George, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg, as the next King of Great Britain. Thereafter, the strength of kings and queens gradually weakened whilst that of Parliament grew steadily stronger.


This shilling is dated 1714 and it has roses and plumes in the angles of the reverse. It is rare in having the 4 of the date altered from a 3. The obverse is a little flat on the hair but would still grade good Fine; the reverse is slightly weak in the centre but it is otherwise in about VF condition. It’s a nice looking coin and with the rare over-struck date a collector specialising in early milled silver might offer up to £200 for it.

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