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Friday Update: 7 January 2022


Happy New Year from the two of us (Paul and myself) to everyone who tunes in to this website.

I was surprised to read an article in the latest edition of Digging Deep, claiming that the NCMD had offered mediation to the expelled representatives and this had been rejected. That is completely at odds with my understanding of events. With the “rebels” now setting up AMDS and offering cheaper insurance they seem to represent a viable alternative to the NCMD.

In Readers finds, there is a Gallic War Uniface type stater. In PAS finds, I continue my review of 2021 for items that I missed from my weekly reviews; this week, all the items are Finds of Note, including one of national importance.

There’s news of a couple of Welsh hoards going on display – further examples of how detectorists are enabling people to connect with their local history.


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