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Gallic War Uniface type stater

The finder of this coin, Robert Brace, asked if I could let him have a full ID and a valuation on it. Robert said he knew it was a full stater but that was all.

This find is an Ancient British gold stater of a type that was imported into Britain rather than being made here. The obverse is blank but on the reverse, facing right, is a stylised horse with a crescent and large pellet below and various symbols in the field.

Staters like this one are listed in Ancient British Coins as the Gallic War Uniface type, number 16. In the Standard Catalogue  they are listed under Gallo-Belgic issues as class E of the Ambiani, number 11. Robert’s find is one of the stater types most frequently unearthed by detectorists.


The coin is well struck and displays no defects. It would grade VF and to a collector it shouldn’t be worth any less than £350.

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