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Friday Update: 31 December 2021


The story of two hoards this week: one found by reader, Steve Simmons earlier this year and the other in 2012, the largest found in the UK, which has just been acquired by the Jersey government.

In other readers’ finds is a gold stater and Sestertius of Marcus Aurelius.

I have taken the opportunity to go back through the PAS finds recorded in 2021 for any that might have evaded my weekly review. This week I’ll have a look at coins and next week artefacts. There are some highly important coins, a couple of which have challenged current beliefs and as such are highly important.


Valuations and Identifications

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Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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