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Denarius of Hadrian

The names of some Roman emperors are well known. They include Julius Caesar, who was assassinated in the year 44 BC and Nero, who was the man who set fire to Rome. In the UK most people have heard of Hadrian, who ordered that a wall should be built across northern England to help to stop incursions by barbarian tribes based in what eventually became Scotland. Featured here is a denarius of Hadrian, which came in from Bill Wiggins.

On the obverse it the laureate head of Hadrian facing right and a legend that reads IMP CAESAR TRAIAN HADIANVS AVG. On the reverse the standing figure of Aequitas holds scales and a cornucopia and is accompanied by a legend reading P M TR P COS III.

In volume II of David Sear’s Roman Coins and Their Values denarii of this type are listed as number 3525. In Roman Imperial Coins the reference number is 80. The type was struck at Rome during AD 123.


Bill’s find is in VF condition and has good eye appeal, so a pre-sale auction estimate shouldn’t be any lower than £80 – £100.

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