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Friday Update – 8 October 2021


After a string of resignations at the NCMD, let’s hope the new General Secretary, Alan Tamblyn, can find a way to bring people together.

Two people end up in court after Durham seize a “nationally important hoard” of Viking coins.

Readers finds include an excessively rare silver unit of the Dobunni. Brenda Orme tells the story of how she unearthed a hoard of stycas; read about how I was there and managed to miss out. Two readers finds from previous weeks are up for auction with DNW; it will be interesting to see what they fetch.

In PAS finds there is a strap slide depicting Silenus. He was said to have special powers when drunk.

Valuations and Identifications

In this week’s edition there are 7 new Reader’s finds including my Find of the Week and Runner Up.

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Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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