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Friday Update: 19 August 2022


We don’t have many tokens sent into the website and so I was very pleased to receive one this week. Plus three sixpences from different reigns and a rare sceatta.

In PAS finds there is the story of a nummus of Decentius that has been cut up to make smaller coins. The story includes a man known as Paul “the Chain”. He may sound like a comedy character from Carry on at your Convenience but he was in fact a ruthless enforcer for Constantius II.

Timeline are selling several recent detecting finds including an Iron Age mount and a penny of Eadberht Praen, with a previously unknown moneyer. In the news is the story of detectorist Paul Rowlands and his find that “I doubt I shall ever beat” which is now going on public display.


Rare Bronze Age axe goes on display

Valuations and Identifications

Six more readers finds this week. For the rest of this week’s finds see the Front Page

Timeline to sell Iron Age mount and other detecting finds

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Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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