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Sixpence of Edward VI

Marcin Koper asked if I would provide him with a valuation on the coin pictured here. It’s a fine coinage sixpence of Edward VI with mint mark tun on both sides, which dates the coin to 1551-53.

Late in the reign of Edward VI sixpences were struck for the first time. This denomination came to be preferred to the groat, which was struck for the last time in the 16th century early in the reign of Elizabeth I. 


This sixpence is struck on a large flan and overall it would grade nearly VF. However, it has a minus point in the shape of damage to the edge. The damage isn’t extensive but it is enough to reduce the coin’s possible commercial value. In its present condition a likely pre-sale auction estimate would be £220 – £250.

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Marcin Koper
Marcin Koper
1 year ago

Thank you Peter.