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PAS Review: week ending 7 May 2021

PAS Review: week ending 7 May 2021

A round-up of some of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 7 May 2021. There were 210 finds recorded in this week

Featured Find

Eadred, penny

Photo: © CNG
Period: Anglo-Saxon
Date found: 05/09/2009
Location: Chichester

This Flower type penny of Eadred is unusual for two reasons; its rarity and its gilding. Consequently, the PAS record designates the find as National Importance


It is only the second penny of the Flower type to be recorded at PAS and is believed to be the only one of its type for the moneyer Eadweard.


The unusual feature of the gilding is that it is only on the reverse but it does not have any sign of attachments to the obverse to repurpose the coin as a brooch. It is possible that these detached without leaving any marks. An alternative theory is that it was mounted, possibly on a book cover.


Single coins do not normally qualify as Treasure Act 1996. As this coin has been modified it is potentially treasure and current advice is that such discoveries should be reported.

CNG Auction

The coin is lot 990 in CNG’s auction on 19 May with an estimate of £1,060. My review of that auction is CNG Feature Auction 117.

Selection of other finds

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0

Coin weight

A coin weight of Antwerp, as shown by the hand of Antwerp on the reverse. Probably of Hans Foncq, dating to 1577-1603.
Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By 2.0

Palm Guard

A lead palm guard with a slightly concave face to allow it to fit into the palm. It is believed to have been used to push a needle through a tough material, such as leather.
Photo: Derby Museums Trust CC By SA2.0


A Roman horse and rider brooch, missing the rider from the waist up. Large quantities of these brooches have been found at temple sites, suggesting a strong religious connection. The figure is thought to represent Mars. One of the Ryedale Bronzes, auctioned by Hansons, is a horse and rider.
Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust CC By 2.0


A complete spearhead dating to the Middle Bronze Age, c. 1550-1250 BC.
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