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CNG – Auction 117 – 19/20 May -Results

CNG – Auction 117 – 19/20 May -Results

CNG held an auction on 19 – 20 May 2021. The full catalogue can be found here.

Winning bids are subject to a 20% buyer’s fee for bids placed on CNG’s website and 22.50% for all others.

Featured Lot

Photo: © CNG

Nero, Sestertius

Mint: Rome
Estimate: £2,155
Hammer: £5760

The reverse of this sestertius shows Nero on horseback with a spear. He is accompanied by another soldier on horseback carrying a vexillum. There is SC (Senatus Consultum) across the field and in the exergue, DECURSIO which is the name of a Roman military exercise.

There is some debate as to the reason behind the DECURSIO coinage. Nero being shown involved with military manoeuvres is at odds with the fact that he was the first emperor not to have personally lead an army in the field. He never participated in campaigns because he said that the people of Rome loved him too much.

One suggestion is that the other figure is from the Praetorian guard. Such imagery is difficult to reconcile with Nero’s programme of advertising peace by presenting himself as Apollo.

A more plausible idea is that these are depictions of a theatrical display, in particular a mock battle, described by Virgil in Aeneid V, termed the Lusus Troiae, Troy Games. Nero participated in these as a boy and had a keen interest in Trojan history.

Selection of other lots

Photo: © CNG

Septimus Severus, Aureus

On the obverse is the bust of Septimus Severus. On the reverse is his wife (middle) and his two sons Caracalla and Geta. The legend reads FELICTAS SAECVLI, “happy age” to give an image of a secure new dynasty. In reality it was a dysfunctional family and Caracalla would go on to murder his brother.
Estimate: £21,500
Hammer: £21600
Photo: © CNG

Constantine I, Miliarense

An experimental denomination in base silver. Constantine I, also known as Constantine the Great is shown on the obverse. On the reverse are his two elder sons. Six years after this issue Constantine ordered the execution of his eldest son, shown right, in mysterious circumstances.
Estimate: £2,875
Hammer: £6480
Photo: © CNG

Constantius II, Solidus

Struck for the vicennalia (20th anniversary of succession) of Constantius II, a gold crown surrounds the design on both sides. On the reverse, Victory holds a shield that reads VOT/ XX/ MVLT/ XXX – Votis vicennalibus multis tricennalibus, which effectively reads “best wishes for your twentieth anniversary and many more for your thirtieth to come”. SMAQ in the exergue indicates the mint of Aquileia.
Estimate: £10,775
Photo: © CNG

Theodosius II, Miliarense

Theodosius II was known as Theodosius the Younger or the Calligrapher. The legend on the reverse reads GLORIA ROMANORUM, “Glory of the Romans“, which was first used as a title of personal honour under Constantine the Great. His reign was marked by the construction of the Theodosian Walls of Constantinople, where this coin was minted, as shown by CON in the exergue.
Estimate: £1,440
Hammer: £2520
Photo: © CNG

Stater of the Trinovantes & Catuvellauni

Wild (Trinovantian V) type. Camulodunum (Colchester) mint
Estimate: £550
Hammer: £864
Photo: © CNG

Æthelstan, Penny

A detecting find from Dereham, Norfolk in 2020. The reverse legend reads EADBAΓD NO ZMRIE indicating that the moneyer is Eadbald and the mint is “Smrie”. This mint is as yet unlocated.
Estimate: £2,875
Hammer: £6480
Photo: © CNG

Richard II, Quarter Noble

Tower mint, Type IVa
Estimate: £1,075
Hammer: £2160
Photo: © CNG

James I, Shilling

First coinage, London mint with second bust.
Estimate: £550
Hammer: £1296
Photo: © CNG

James V, Groat

Second coinage, type III from Edinburgh mint..
Estimate: £540
Hammer: £792
Photo: © CNG

Sihtric III Olafsson, Penny

An Irish penny of Sihtric that is imitating a Crux type of Æthelred II (CRUX in the quarters on the reverse). The auctioneers believe that this is the only example of the excessively rare Crux type with a right facing bust in private hands.
Estimate: £7,200
Hammer: £18720
Photo: © CNG

Edward IV, Groat

Irish penny of Edward IV, minted in Waterford as shown by CIVITAS WATERFOR on the reverse.
Estimate: £360
Hammer: £540
Photo: © CNG

Mary, Cast Medal

A bronze medal by Jacopo Niccola da Trezzo, signed IAC TREZ below Mary’s bust. The reverse legend reads CECIS VISVS TIMIDIS QVIES, “sight to the blind, tranquility to the timid” and has Mary, as Peace, setting fire to a pile of arms, holding branches of palm and olive over a group seeking shelter. It may allude to the restoration of the Roman Catholic religion in England.
Estimate: £540
Hammer: £612
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