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Fake news: Anne, shilling

Occasionally a fake can be just as interesting as the genuine article. Some fakes are very common, George III New Coinage shillings are a prime example, but others can be very rare.

The coin pictured here came in from Robert Davie and is a rather crude copy of a shilling of Queen Anne. This is the first fake silver coin of Anne I have ever seen. It is dated 1702 on the reverse, which is the first date for shillings of this reign.

Maybe on a dark night someone who needed glasses would be fooled by this coin but it is highly doubtful that it would have passed as genuine in daylight. Perhaps that’s why it ended up in the ground.


Having said that some forgeries are interesting, which they are, in monetary terms Robert’s find would be of minimal value. A few people collect fakes but for this one I doubt if an enthusiast would offer any more than £2 for it.

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