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PAS Review: week ending 30 April 2021

PAS Review: week ending 30 April 2021

A round-up of some of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 30 April. There were 193 finds recorded in this week

Featured Find

Sword belt fitting

Photo: Derby Museum Trust CC BY SA2.0
Object type: Sword Belt Fitting
Period: Post Medieval
Primary material: Copper alloy
Date found: 23/04/2021
Location: Harborough, Leicestershire

These sword belt fittings were used in the 16th and 17th centuries and their design and decoration was relatively standardised.

This other find on PAS BERK-D0AB56 shows how the belt fitting would have plates suspended from the loops. These plates would be attached to the scabbard.

Selection of other finds

Photo: York Museums Trust CC By SA2.0


A lead shot, from the 17th to 18th century, cast with two expanded ends and a distinct waist. These were known as a ‘capstan’ bullet (or sometimes ‘bobbin’ shot) because of their similar form to nautical capstans.
Photo: National Museums Liverpool CC By SA4.0


A copper-alloy tanged and collared chisel dating to the late Bronze Age, c. 950 – 750 BC.
Photo: Birmingham Museums Trust CC By 2.0

James I Laurel

Mint mark thistle and London mint. The laurel was the third gold coin of 20 shillings, after the sovereign and unite, to be issued by James I.
Photo: National Museums Liverpool CC By SA4.0

Toy – Hornbook

Hornbooks were used as a study aid from the 16th to 19th century. A sheet containing educational material, such as the letters of the alphabet, would be covered with a thin sheet of transparent horn to protect it. The size of this find suggests that this is a miniature, to be used as a doll’s accessory.
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