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Caracalla, denarius

I’ve had a few Roman denarii on the website recently and here’s another one. The finder, Jamie New, guessed it was a coin of Antoninus Pius but said he couldn’t be certain.

On the obverse the legend reads ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT around the laureate head of the emperor. With this obverse legend it isn’t surprising that Jamie thought it could be a coin of Antoninus Pius. However, it isn’t. It was struck for Caracalla, whose dates are AD 198 to 217. It is also worth mentioning that a later emperor, Elagabalus (AD218-22), is also named as Antoninus Pius on his coins.

On the reverse the figure of Mars holds an olive branch, rests against a spear and leans on a shield. The legend on this side reads MARTI PACATORI.

David Sear, in volume II of Roman Cons and Their Values, lists denarii of this type as number 6818; they were struck at Rome during AD 211.


The coin is in VF condition but there is a noticeable edge chip at 9 o’clock on the obverse. Without the chip it would have been worth more but with it I’d price this denarius no higher than £25.

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