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PAS Review: week ended 23 July 2021

PAS Review: week ended 23 July 2021

A round-up of some of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 23 July 2021. There were 260 finds recorded in this week. There was one treasure find; a small hoard of four Henry III and John pennies.

Featured Find

Bronze Age Palstave Axe

Photo: Bristol City Council CC BY SA2.0
Object type: Axe
Period: Bronze Age
Primary material: Copper alloy
Date found: 01/06/2021
Location: Dundry, North Somerset

A Group 1: Primary Shield Pattern palstave axe that dates to the Middle Bronze Ages (1500 BC – 1150 BC). The preservation of this axe is exceptional.

Selection of other finds

Photo: North Lincolnshire Museum CC By SA2.0

Roman dragonesque brooch

A Mackreth type DRG 2 or 3.a$ Dragonesque brooch dating to AD 80 – 200
Photo: North Lincolnshire Museum CC By SA2.0

Seal Matrix

This seal matrix is thought to date from 1250-1300. The legend reads: +S’AGNE[-] :SVIN, possibly “seal of Agnes [of] Swine”. Swine is in the East Riding of Yorkshire. It was probably for single or occasional use by a peasant engaged in property transactions. Unusually, in this case it’s for a woman.
Photo: Sussex Archaeological Society CC BY SA2.0

Limoges mount

The mount is of a robed male figure, probably a saint. These types of mount, depicting saints, were produced in Limoges between the late twelfth and early thirteenth century in order to be affixed to crucifixes and reliquaries.
Photo: North Lincolnshire Museum CC By SA2.0

Netherlands 1/8 silver ducat

These 1/8 ducats were only minted in the province of Zeeland between 1762-1793 and were nicknamed “pietje”. The obverse has a knight with crowned Zeeland shield at feet. The legend would read:  MON • NO • ARG • PRO • CONFOE • BELG • COM • ZEL. The castle mint mark, before MON gives the mint as Middelburg. On the reverse are the crowned arms of Zeeland with the legend CONCORDIA RES PARVÆ CRESCUNT “Unity makes strength“.
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