Netherlands 1/8 silver ducat

Photo: North Lincolnshire Museum CC By SA2.0
Issued by: None Specified
Denomination: 1/8 ducat
Period: Post-Medieval
Date found: 15/07/2021
Location: West Lindsey, Lincolnshire


These 1/8 ducats were only minted in the province of Zeeland between 1762-1793 and were nicknamed “pietje”. The obverse has a knight with crowned Zeeland shield at feet. The legend would read:  MON • NO • ARG • PRO • CONFOE • BELG • COM • ZEL. The castle mint mark, before MON gives the mint as Middelburg. On the reverse are the crowned arms of Zeeland with the legend CONCORDIA RES PARVÆ CRESCUNT “Unity makes strength“.