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Henry III, penny

This hammered coin was recently unearthed by Glyn Peak, who is based in Lancashire. Glyn thought it was a voided long cross penny of Henry III and asked for more information about it.

The photographs are rather peculiar. On the shot of the obverse the coin looks to be round but the reverse appears to be oval. They say a camera cannot lie but it can certainly give the wrong impression of what something really looks like.

Glyn’s find is a penny of Henry III. On the reverse all that can be seen of the legend reads VD ONL VND. The mint is obviously London but who is the moneyer? The last two letters of the name are VD so the full name must be RENAVD. This moneyer was responsible for only one voided long cross class under Henry III: Vg.    


The coin has a flat area on both sides but the rest of the coin would grade good Fine. The flat area detracts from its overall appearance but as the class, mint and moneyer are known it should still be worth £25 – £30.

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