PAS Finds

PAS Finds: week ended 12 November 2021

PAS Finds: week ended 12 November 2021

A round-up of some of the finds recorded at the PAS for the week ended 19 November 2021. There were 539 finds recorded in this week

Featured Find

19th Century Flobert style gun

Photo: Kent County Council CC By 2.0
Object type: Firearm
Period: Post Medieval
Primary material: Iron
Date found: 09/11/2021
Location: Burham, Kent

A single shot pistol of 19th Century using a .22 calibre cartridge, using the percussion cap as propellent. This type of percussion cap and firearms were developed by French gunsmith Louis-Nicolas Flobert c.1845. Such pistols were popular up until the early 20th century for recreational target shooting in gallerys/gun ranges.

Selection of other finds

Photo: Northamptonshire County Council

Three quarter cut Penny of Henry III

Three quarter cut voided long cross penny of Henry III, minted by Roberd in Canterbury.
Photo: West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service CC By SA2.0

Hoard of contemporary copies of Roman nummus

Eight contemporary copies of a nummus probably of Constantius II dating from AD 355 – 361, reverse reads FEL TEMP REPARATIO and depicts soldier spearing a fallen horseman
Photo: Bristol City Council CC BY SA2.0

Roman coin hoard

A hoard of 77 Roman coins dating from Gallienus (AD 260-68) to Tetricus II (272-274), mostly in poor condition. They are currently going through the treasure process.
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