PAS Finds

PAS Finds (w/e 18/8/23) – Cambrai

My selection of the detecting finds recorded at the PAS in the week ended 18 August 2023. It was a quiet week for significant finds.

Featured Find

Continental sterling of Enguerrand of Créqui

Photo: The Portable Antiquities Scheme CC By SA2.0
Period: Medieval
Date found: 17/08/2023
Location: Warwick

This is a continental sterling issued by Enguerrand of Créqui as Bishop of Cambrai who was Bishop of Cambrai from 1273-1285.

The obverse shows the arms of the Diocese of Cambrai and reads IGER/RAN/N EPC for Bishop Enguerrand. The reverse legend reads MON/CAM/ERA/CEN which is the mint signature for Cambrai; Cameracensis is the Latin word for Cambrai.

This is only the second coin of Enguerrand on the PAS and is considered to be a Find of Note of Regional Importance.

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