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Shilling of Charles II

Early milled silver coins don’t turn up very often as detecting finds. The specimen pictured here was unearthed by Terence Robinson last week in South Yorkshire.

The coin is a shilling of Charles II, which is dated 1663 on the reverse. On the obverse is the first bust variety of King Charles.

In the early 1660s the population of the UK must have welcomed the freshly stuck milled coins that went into circulation, for they looked far better than the old hammered currency that was still being used. They were named milled coins not because of their edge but because they were made by machinery. In the 1660s and for centuries previously anything made by machinery of any kind was said to be milled.


The reverse on this coin has been struck slightly off centre but is otherwise in VF condition. The obverse isn’t as good and has a noticeable scratch across it. In its present overall condition the price to a collector would be around £150 to £180.

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