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Friday Update: 6 May 2022


In the first couple of months of starting this website, we had several gold staters come in. My daughter, Victoria, would say “Not another bloody stater“. It’s strange how rare finds can come in clumps. Following on the heels of a similar coin last week is another very rare “Sussex Helmet” Ancient British silver unit. It was found by the brother of the finder of last week’s example. I’m sure if any detectorist finds another one this week they won’t be saying “Not another bloody ‘Sussex Helmet'”.

There was an article on the BBC website claiming that some detectorists were not reporting their Treasure finds because of delays in the Treasure process. This sort of reporting gives the hobby a bad name as I’m sure the vast majority of detectorists are law-abiding and do the right thing. I’ve written a response, to explain the Treasure process and give due credit to the conscientious people involved in it.

Noonans (formerly DNW) are selling all the coins from the Pewsey Hoard (except two which were claimed by the British Museum). There’s a full report on the find, coin cleaning and the auction. There’s also the results from the Spink auction where the star lot went for £90,000.

In PAS finds is the fascinating story behind a 17th century coin from Massachusetts, found in Durham last month.

“Delays placing heritage at risk” – my reply

Valuations and Identifications

Five more readers finds this week. For the rest of this week’s finds see the Front Page

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