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James II commemorative medal

Roger Paul sent in this item. Rather than being a recent find, I was told that it turned up a few tears since. As it is rather unusual Roger thought I might want to feature it on my website.

On the obverse is a crowned shield of arms, of a type first used on coins of James I, together with a legend reading NON SIC MILLE COHORTES. Each word is separated from the next one by a rosette.

On the reverse, set within a wreath of lilies and roses, is a legend in six lines that reads IACOBVS DVX EBOR NAT 15 OCT BAPTIZ 24 NOVE 1633. Rather than being a coin, this is a silver medal commemorating Prince James (later King James II, 1685-88), who was the second son of Charles I. The legend tells us that James had been created Duke of York, he was born on 15 October 1633 and baptised on 24 November of the same year. Medals of this type have been attributed to Nicholas Briot (the famous French engraver) but this is not altogether certain.   


Roger’s find would grade about VF and this type of medal is very scarce. I traced an example of the same medal that wasn’t in as good condition as Roger’s example, which was on sale at £200. That price seemed to me to be a bit optimistic but as Roger’s medal is slightly finer it might sell for the same figure.

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