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Friday Update – 23 July 2021


Following the publication of my article last week on the split in the NCMD, the NCMD Executive has issued a statement explaining their actions and the “Opposition” 4 regions have issued an open letter to the NCMD Executive. The NCMD Executive provided a way forward by offering arbitration. The Opposition 4 accepted this offer. This is a very welcome step and it is to be hoped that both sides will grasp the opportunity to reunite the NCMD.

In readers finds, there is a medal from the Great Wheel at Earls Court. In PAS finds is a Bronze Age dagger and an unusual homemade wedding ring.

NCMD Split Update

Valuations and Identifications

In this week’s edition there are 3 new valuations including my Find of the Week and Runner Up.

Find of the Week

Earls Court Great Wheel medal

The story of the Great Wheel built at Earls Court for the Empire of India exhibition

Runner Up

Sestertius of Antoninus Pius

It’s unusual to find a Roman coin that the soil has been kind to.

PAS Review

Bronze Age Dagger

A Bronze Age dagger, Medieval ferrule and a terzo di grosso of Pope Paolo II

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Next week

Help with the next edition

Please help me with next week’s edition. If you’ve been out detecting again or taking the time to go through your collection, please contact me with anything you find of interest or would like me to identify.

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