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Statement from NCMD

The NCMD has issued a statement on their website here explaining their side of the story.

Face to Face meeting and AGM

The NCMD explain that the cancellation of the planned face to face meeting was due to the anticipated relaxation of Covid rules on 22 June being delayed for 4 weeks. They rightly say that the constitution requires them to hold the AGM by 30 June and to comply with that and the Covid rules at the time, the only option was to hold this meeting by Zoom.


The NCMD say “The claim that members of the executive have not seen the accounts for the last years five years is false.“. The accounts of the NCMD should be available to any member, not only the Executive. I have received many messages from members of the Executive and ordinary members of the NCMD that they have asked to see the accounts but have not been provided with them.

It’s good to hear that the NCMD agree that more transparency is needed and it is a welcome step that they have decided to publish their annual accounts on their website.


The NCMD say “To help clear the air and assure you of our commitment to finding an amicable way forward, the Executive Officers and the 5 other regions would like to make it clear that they would welcome independent binding mediation if that was something the Yorkshire, Western, Midland and Southern regions would consider.

This is a very welcome offer and it is good to see a more conciliatory tone from both sides. There is much more that unites both sides than divides them.

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