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Victoria, Jersey one thirteenth of a shilling

The finder of this bronze coin asked to remain anonymous. It was struck to circulate in Jersey and is the first of its kind I have heard of as a detecting find.

On the obverse is the head of Queen Victoria with the date, 1870, below. On the reverse is a shield of arms with the denomination, one thirteenth of a shilling, below.

The mintage figure for this date is 160,000, which would be a low figure for an English coin. However, it is roughly average for a Jersey coin of this period.


The coin doesn’t have much wear but there is some loss on both sides from the high points on the edge. There also appears to be dirt in the background of the imagery and lettering. It might be very rare as a detecting find but in itself it isn’t a scarce coin. In its present condition by highest price range would be £3 – £4.

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