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Anglo-Saxon silver disc brooch declared Treasure

Detectorist Iain Sansome, from Cheddar, discovered the brooch while detecting on farmland in Cheddar on October 14 2020. Last week, it was declared Treasure. The disc brooch, which is in Trewhiddle style, dates from 800 – 900AD. It features detailed interlace decoration with animal forms. Some of these are thought to be peacocks, which are found on Anglo-Saxon metal work and have religious and high-status significance.

Dr Maria Kneafsey of the PAS said: “Although it is relatively common to find Roman brooches in Somerset, early medieval examples are rare. Such items were important symbols of wealth and high status, and may have been given as gifts to cement relationships between powerful individuals, including those with religious roles.”

The finder, Iain Sansome, said “I’ve found a lot of important historical items in the few years I’ve been detecting, and have covered a lot of ground, but this find is in a different league. When I first saw the brooch I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but I knew it was something special

Fede ring

One of Iain’s other finds was this Medieval “fede” ring that dates from between 1200 – 1350 AD. He found the ring on 23 August 2020 and this was declared Treasure at the same hearing, last week.

The ring includes an inscription with is believed to translate to: “I am a token of love, do not give me away.

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