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Edward II penny

The finder of this coin asked to remain anonymous. It’s an Edwardian period London penny, of which detectorists have unearthed so many that the total number now runs into five figures.

When first classified into types and varieties the end result was rather complicated. Over more recent years the series has become even more complicated, as is shown by English Coins 1180-1551 by Lord Stewartby.

This penny has straight sides to the letter N and both the C and E have rounded backs. Using only the Standard Catalogue this coin would be identified as a class 11a penny of Edward II. However, Lord Stewartby split class 10 into two phases, the second of which is dated to circa 1305-10; class S5b (discussed on page 175) appears to fit the coin pictured here. The colon at the end of the obverse legend appears to be the clincher.


The coin would grade Fine to good Fine and I’d price it at £25.

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