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Twenty pence piece of Charles I

Leon Boulton told me that he unearthed this hammered silver Scottish coin from a depth of only a few inches in a sheep field. After examining his find he said it seemed a bit different to other examples he has seen.

The coin is a twenty pence piece of Charles I. On the obverse the legend reads CAR D G SCOT ANG FR & HIB R, there are no lozenges by the mark of value and no initials of the die marker on either side. Therefore, the coin is an example of Falconer’s anonymous issue.

In Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands this type of twenty pence piece is listed as number 5591. There are a number of varieties, this one having a rather large vacant space at the top of the obverse.


The coin is a little weak in places but good enough to grade about VF for the type so its condition is above average for a detecting find. I’d place upon it price range of £80-100.

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