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Three Elizabeth I sixpences

The trio of Elizabeth I sixpences shown here turned up on the same permission but on different stubble fields. Had they been located close together then they would count as a Treasure find. Richard Ward, the finder, asked me to provide a valuation in order to let the landowner know what the coins would be worth.

Coin number 1 is dated 1565 and has mint mark pheon on both sides.

This is in Fine condition and I’d price it at £60 to £70.

Coin number 2 is dated 1573 and has mint mark ermine on both sides.

This is in Fine+ condition, so I’d price it at £70.

Coin number 3 is dated 1588 and has mint mark crescent on both sides.

I’d grade the obverse as Poor, the reverse as Fair to Fine. This is one of the most sought after dates in the whole series, due to it being rare and because it bears the same date as the ill-fated Spanish Armada.

In 2021 a specimen graded as nearly Fine sold at auction for £500. In 2020 another specimen, graded as good Fine sold for £650. I 2019 another specimen, graded as Fair sold for £100. This highlights the importance of the date and the state of preservation (good Fine £650, Fair £100). The condition of this 1588 sixpence leaves much to be desired but if properly catalogued in an auction sale then the pre-sale estimate should be as high as £80 to £100.

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