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Penny of Alexander III

This is the second coin sent in by Tim Pickard and is another hammered silver Scottish coin, this one being a penny of Alexander III.

The penny has a voided long cross on the reverse so it was struck during the first coinage and it bears the name of a moneyer and a mint. Unfortunately, half the coin is flat, which renders it difficult to pin down.

The obverse is most likely to be class VII. What can be seen of the reverse legend appears to read –LE XA’ O. If the full legend was visible the most likely reading would be ALE XA’ ONE DEN. If my reading is correct then the moneyer will be Alexander and the mint Edinburgh.

From the reign of David II onwards Edinburgh is the commonest mint for all Scottish coins. However, during the first coinage of Alexander III Edinburgh is rare or very rare depending on the type.    


As already stated, half of this coin is flat but the rest of it would grade about VF. My suggestion as to the names of the moneyer and mint are by far the most likely but most collectors would prefer a coin where both are clearer than they are on this coin. Therefore, the price that it would be likely to achieve in its present state of preservation would be unlikely to be any higher than £50.

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