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Sovereign of George V and half sovereign of Victoria

The finder of these two gold coins wished to remain anonymous. However, he asked me to provide a valuation as he has a 50/50 agreement with a landowner and wanted to know how much he needed to hand over.

The first coin is a sovereign of George V, which is dated 1918 on the reverse. There is a letter C below the hoof of the horse on which St. George is mounted, which indicates the coin was struck at the mint situated in Ottawa in Canada.

half sovereign of Victoria

The second coin is a half sovereign of Victoria. It has the old head of the queen on the obverse and is dated 1899 on the reverse.


Both coins are in very good condition with no signs of any flaws or damage. However, neither looks to be in EF condition nor are they scarce so they would probably sell for close to their bullion value, which is £340 for the sovereign and £170 for the half sovereign. Therefore, the finder should hand over half of £510, which is £255.

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