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Scottish groat of Robert III

I’ve known Michael Gallon for more than 20 years but have only met up with him a couple of time. The main reason for our infrequent meeting is that he is based in Scotland but I’m based in Yorkshire. Michael once took part in one of the outings organised by my club and after a few minutes he unearthed a Roman bronze. Knowing that the field rarely gave up anything good I told him not to build his hopes up. Sure enough, he didn’t find another coin during the whole of the outing.

A few days back Michael sent me the images of a couple of his recent finds. The first is pictured here and is a Scottish groat of Robert III (1390-1406). It’s an example of the heavy coinage (1390-1403) and the inner legend on the reverse, VILL ADE PER Th, tells us that it was struck at the mint situated in Perth. In Coins of Scotland, Ireland and the Islands this groat is listed as number 5166.   


The obverse is slightly double struck but the coin is otherwise in good Fine condition. To a collector of Scottish hammered silver it shouldn’t be worth any less than £220.

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