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Roman knife handle

Besides coins the Romans made all manner of things out of metal. They built up a huge empire, which provided them with a marketplace larger than any other. A cash economy soon developed and even the less well-off had money to spend. The rich bought things made of gold and silver, whilst lesser folk limited their spending to objects made of base metal.

Soldiers used various types of swords and daggers to fight with. Ordinary folk needed knives for cutting purposes and there was quite a range to choose from. The handle from a small knife is shown here; it was found by a detectorist who wanted to remain anonymous.

The blade of the knife has long since rotted away but the bronze handle has survived quite well. It is in the shape of a running animal; the foreleg is missing but the surfaces are smooth, not pitted and in very good condition.


Having the foreleg missing will reduce its value but as what remains is rather attractive it could still sell for £50 – £60.

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